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"IPY" / CD

I.P.Y. are
Ikue Mori electronics, drums (on track 1)
PHEW voice, synthesizer
YoshimiO drums, voice, synthesizer

-Track list-
1. UFO Indigo / Yellow gold 3:21
2. UFO Yellowish green / Purple 5:54
3. UFO Powder blue / Ivory 4:48
4.Isolated Resonance Trio 10:55
5. Watercolor 14:09
6. IPY! PYI! YIP! 10:27

Recorded live on Nov. 29th 2019 at U.F.O. CLUB, Tokyo
by kensummer (U.F.O. CLUB)
Edited by Ikue Mori
Mixed by Marc Urselli on May, 2020
Watercolor cover art by Syoujou Ooido
Photo by Ryo Mitamura
Special thanks: John Zorn, Ryo Mitamura, Chica Takei
and all the staff of U.F.O. CLUB


PHEW, YoshimiO and I were all born in Japan and are now quite well known on the international music scene. PHEW founded the band Aunt Sally in 1978 and for the past 40 years has worked in various solo projects and collaborations. Yoshimi started playing drums in the 1980s and has performed with the Boredoms, later founding her own units OOIOO and Saicobab. I left Tokyo in 1977, co-founded the band DNA in NYC, and have been living and working there ever since.

Although we have all known each other and worked together in different duo projects for over 10 years, this is our first meeting as a trio. Recorded at the U.F.O. club in Tokyo in 2019, the music was edited and mixed remotely over the course of time by all three of us. The process was not easy\but we are all very happy with the results. Our work together has always been super fun and very special for me, and it was a dream come true to make this album.
\Ikue Mori

That day, a huge obsidian-like mothership appeared over the heads of the three of us. The blackness feels the breath of the peculiar tone released by I.P.Y., and it rejoices, and the blackness swells up more and more, and finally all the colors were released. Black is the most colorful color. I.P.Y. created music something like that.

Avoiding melody, harmony and regular repetition, without prior arrangements, no calculated configurations, just listening to their sounds and waitingc then making the sound I wanted to hear, using my body, imagining the sound field it would be, I played there.

Ikue Mori, Phew, YoshimiO
UFO Indigo / Yellowgold * UFO Yellowish green / Purple * UFO Pink / Ivory * Isolated Resonance Trio * Watercolor * IPY! PYI! YIP! Ikue Mori, Phew and YoshimiO are three legends of the Japanese Avant Garde music scene: Ikue was an original member of DNA and is a vital member of the NYC Downtown Scene, Phew founded Aunt Sally in 1978 and has performed in countless folk/rock solo projects and collaborations and YoshimiO is a core member of the Boredoms, Saicobab and OOIOO. Here they come together for their first ever trio project. Recorded at Club U.F.O. in Tokyo, the music was edited and mixed during the shelter-in-place months of early 2020. Surprising and powerful, this is a fabulous and essential meeting of three new music superstars.
SPECTRUM / File Under: Avant Garde / Rock